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Pizza redux.

Second half of my frozen dough, leftover garlic sauce and bacon, and grapes.  Sophie wanted the grapes.  Maybe it's the Korean in her because the one and only time I have seen fruit cocktail on a pizza (no joke) was in Korea. It was actually pretty good although she had her doubts about cheese on grapes.  We'll see what her friends say when she brings the leftovers in for lunch tomorrow.   

I cooked ~24 lb. of pork shoulder for our party this weekend.  Our refrigerators are stuffed with pork, cake and other party miscellany.  I am super happy that I am going out to dinner tonight here.  Ian and I went a couple of weeks ago, and it's the best Thai food I have eaten outside of Thailand.  My in-laws and Maddy and Rob are in town so we can do an even deeper probe of the menu. 

Sophie has a pasta dinner tomorrow night to carbo-load for her first XC meet on Saturday.  Freshmen are assigned pasta--I am sending her in with Jennifer Reese's vadouvan macaroni and cheese.  Apparently the kids routinely eat through 20 lb. of pasta at these events.   I am hoping they have an abundance of porta potties at the start line.


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