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Reality Show Reject

My kaffir lime tree has almost a dozen flowers that I hope become limes.  I helped pollinate them with a Q-tip since the flying insect population in my house is, thankfully, nonexistent.  My poor little fig tree in the back yard may not have fared as well with the recent cold snap, only time will tell. 

Now it's rainy, warmer with temps forecasted in the high 50's later today.  Make up your mind, weather gods.  Planning a hike for Sunday when the clouds clear out.  Maybe we will go see "August: Osage County" today.  Ian's resolution is to "get out more."  I've already failed with my 10,000 steps a day--only got 3,000 yesterday.  Hopefully it's not a downhill spiral from here.

Miso happy.

Miso happy.

We are watching the second season of "The Taste", and I was thrilled to see Chef Ed Lee on this week's episode.  His miso-smothered chicken pictured above is everything you would want in a winter dish--chicken, onions, bourbon, miso...I added the carrots because, you know, Sophie and her mushroom aversion.  Chef Lee recommends serving them with rice, but I don't think he would have minded us substituting puffed potatoes from the "Gramercy Tavern Cookbook."  They are a mixture of mashed potato and choux paste, deep-fried.  The three of us ate the entire batch with ease.

Ian thinks I should try out for "The Taste."  I tried out for Master Chef this past November--my dish was 3 ice cream/cookie pairings.  Kaffir lime/jasmine rice ice cream with Thai basil shortbread, sesame tuile with roasted pear ice cream, and matcha macaron with yuzu curd and adzuki bean ice cream.  I got high marks for taste, they loved the t-shirt Maddy designed for me, and I made it as far as you could go and not get called for the on-camera audition.  I think I need a sad backstory, or bigger breasts.  Is it wishful thinking that "The Taste" is really only about the food?  You still have to get to the final audition, and judging by the personalities on the current season I fear I would fall short.  They do have a particularly obnoxious food blogger, but I have neither "5.1 million followers" nor a 150 lb. weight loss to my credit. My money is on Marina, a 53 year old home cook, she seems a force to be reckoned with.

The glorious simplicity of puffed potatoes.

The glorious simplicity of puffed potatoes.

Apres skiing>>Actually skiing.

Straighten up and fry right.