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Chilly in Philly.

As I sit here waiting out the last 3 hours of my 24 hour shift, it's hard to believe that just a week ago I was in the city of brotherly love enjoying the comforts of the Hotel Monaco (pet friendly, free wine, cable TV!).  We beat the frigid weather conditions by a hair, but I was still thankful for my new boots.  We walked 5-6 miles a day fortified by Federal Doughnuts, Talula's Garden, Vedge, and Fourth Street Deli.


Ian and I ran up the iconic steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It's been a long time since I've seen Rocky, maybe I should feel a bigger sense of accomplishment--those steps seemed pretty easy.  Sophie and Ian went to the Mutter Museum to enjoy the displays of medical oddities while I visited with an old friend and her daughter in the lobby.  Toddlers shouldn't be exposed to jars full of conjoined twins and hairballs removed from human stomachs.


Speaking of stomachs, Sophie contends that her "dessert stomach is never full."  After the plate of French toast from Talula's she had to lie down for several hours in order to assist her stomach(s) with digestion.  Maybe it was the side of bacon and biscuits she ordered with it.


We visited the Betsy Ross House and the Liberty Bell.  Sophie found a cool fatigue jacket on sale at a boutique.  See the picture below--I sewed some official US Army patches onto it when we got home.  She's been wearing it daily since.  Who knew?

Our last meal in Philly was a huge breakfast at the Fourth Street Deli.  Ian and I split the combination appetizer plate, Sophie had the potato latke, and we all decided against the "jelly omelette."  Our plate was good for breakfast for the two of us and, later, dinner for the three of us.  

Giant, monochromatic Jewish breakfast.

Giant, monochromatic Jewish breakfast.

Sunday Breakfast, post call edition.

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