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Finally, an update.

I'm really glad that Aaron Silverman, chef of the acclaimed Rose's Luxury, let us know how the sausage is made.  I am a notorious hoarder of ethnic ingredients and had everything in my pantry I needed to pull this dish together.  I ate it for dinner and then every day for breakfast the rest of the week.  In Singapore when I wasn't eating kaya toast for breakfast I was eating nasi lemak--a savory breakfast dish with layers of salty/crunchy/sweet flavors.  These bowls are reminiscent of nasi lemak and a heck of a lot easier than making kaya.

Bowl of goodness.

Bowl of goodness.

I've been trying to be better about the cooking--I've made chicken gyros, pesto farro, chocolate chip cookie bars, homemade ricotta, kale chips, meatballs and granola bars this week.  When I was shopping at Safeway this morning the power went out, and I texted Maddy a picture of the darkened meat aisle with the caption "power out at Safeway, going to start looting."  She replied, "Saffron!"  

Luckily it must have been a very local outage because when I left the store there were no zombies in the streets, and I was able to ride to Giant and buy my meatball mix.  Speaking of zombies, I am watching the most recently available season of "The Walking Dead" on Netflix, and I can't imagine how sick of stabbing zombies in the head I would be during an apocalypse because I am super sick of watching other people stab zombies in the head.  

Other accomplishments this week include knitting two hats for Sophie's cross-country coaches, running 14.75 miles at a consistent pace, deadlifting 183 lb. ( which means if Ian is ever incapacitated  I can get him off the floor), and making an awesome playlist for Sophie's cross-country meet.

Kale chips with pesto farro and a bag of Costco pears.

Kale chips with pesto farro and a bag of Costco pears.

Homecoming 2014

Feeling hot, hot, hot.