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Homecoming 2014

That dress we picked out at the end of the summer "just in case" was perfect for Homecoming. Sophie and some of her girlfriends enjoyed an Italian dinner prior to their fashionably late arrival at the dance.

This year she wanted to make sure you could "see that she was wearing make-up," wore high heels, and actually danced.  

The dapper gentlemen is Sophie's childhood friend, Logan who was in town with his parents who ran the Army Ten-Miler with us on Sunday.  He braved the dance with this gaggle of girls.  Sophie got home at 11 p.m., and we were already in bed.  I had a great race the next morning running a 1:15:42 and helping our master's women team to their 4th consecutive victory.  We celebrated with a late brunch at Le Diplomate where we conquered a seafood tower and a slab of foie gras with ease.

Here is an unrelated photo of the recent lunar eclipse/blood moon.  We woke Sophie up to watch, and she came out, looked at the sky for approximately 2 seconds and returned to bed.

A Most Excellent Surprise

Finally, an update.