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Happy Belated Pepero Day!

I went to Safeway with every intention of buying the ingredients for several winter salads featured in today's Washington Post food section.  Then I remembered throwing out a partially used bag of kale just two days ago.  The savoy cabbage went into a soup instead.

Right before I spilled that mug of hot cider.

Right before I spilled that mug of hot cider.

Anticipating the upcoming onslaught of pumpkin spice everything, I baked a lavender lemon bundt cake.  I used the lemon Maddy gave me.  The cake is good in the way a tender poundcake should be, but the lavender flavor is lost.  Maybe I won't use lemon extract next time.  Maybe it's related to the age of my lavender which I only recently discovered during the spice cabinet purge.  Sophie said, "It's really good. It's mostly lemony but I'm still getting lavender."

Ian returned bearing many Korean socks, a rainbow stack of felt and cheap earrings.  He leaves again for San Antonio in short order.  The only thing I really wish he could bring back is ice cream from Lick.  Coconut and avocado curd anyone?   Avocados were a dollar a piece today, maybe I can find a recipe on the www.

I also bought the Thanksgiving issue of Bon Appetit  which I will save for reading during my call shift Friday night.  My last shift on labor and delivery was rewarding early on, deteriorating in the last 30 minutes and leaving me emotionally exhausted and angry.  I'm hoping articles on perfect mashed potatoes and left-over strategies will be calming and inspiring.  


Subliminally pumpkin spice Bundt.

Subliminally pumpkin spice Bundt.

Remember the last time you were happy?

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