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A Most Excellent Surprise

Maddy and her friend John had a spontaneous visit this weekend.  We surprised Sophie by having John (who she hadn't met yet) pose as a church goer collecting extra Halloween candy.  The last time we surprised Sophie with a visit from Maddy was Christmas of 2010 when she arrived at the house bearing a stack of Twinkies.  The Lees like sugar-associated pranks.  One of the first things Maddy said when she arrived yesterday was, "This kitchen is so clean."  Her kitchen apparently sets the bar pretty low these days.  She also has a passive-aggressive roommate that wouldn't allow her to open a new jar of jam until the current jars were finished.  The same guy forbids zip-lock bags.  She's moving in December.

I had lured her with promises of poke and Spam musubi.  

Unfortunately I only get to keep the lemon.

Unfortunately I only get to keep the lemon.

We had a big vegetable curry, roasted carrots and a delicious winter cocktail: vieux carre.  This is a cocktail I really enjoy at home--easy to construct provided you have the more obscure ingredients and one I wouldn't order in a restaurant because I would be afraid of mispronouncing it.  I'm pretty sure it's the only reason to buy a bottle of Benedictine.

We watched several episodes of "Cutthroat Kitchen."  One of the challenges was making a cupcake in a microwave.  We immediately thought of mug cakes which are having a moment.  I'm sure there are hundreds of dedicated Pintrest boards and somebody somewhere is having mug cakes at their wedding.

Maddy has been asked to contribute artwork to a Charlottesville publication, stay tuned for updates.  She made the mug sitting next to the lemon, but I am pretty sure her preferred medium is pumpkins.

not a cake

not a cake

Highlights of the Week

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