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Remember the last time you were happy?

The worst thing that happened to me today was having to bring the groceries inside, and the trip to Costco to get the groceries.  I'm not dealing with 5' of snow that is going to melt and cause flooding, my kids will be home for the holiday, and I didn't have to think twice about filling my cart with food.

Black decorating sugar, not mouse droppings.

Black decorating sugar, not mouse droppings.

I will fondly remember making pretzels with Sophie for distribution to her friends;   (People loved them, I should bring food in again); discussing the composition of mincemeat  (like spicy dried fruit) with Maddy and not regretting my decision to use paper plates for the Thanksgiving dessert course.  In the coming week the Christmas tree will be erected, the persimmon tree harvested, and if I'm lucky, I could deliver a new member to somebody's family tree on my call shift. 

The worst thing that happened to me yesterday was having to look into my young patient's eyes and tell her that her baby's heart had stopped a mere three weeks before her due date.  To tell her partner that, "Yes, that means your baby is dead," and to call her mother and repeat these words because I was the only one in the room capable of speech.

The shift from happiest job in the world to the saddest in the blink of an eye, and I am forever connected to this woman and her loss.  Her life changed in that moment, always divided into "before" and "after."  What, if anything, will bring her joy this holiday season?  

Reminding us all to be thankful if the last time we felt happy can be measured in minutes.

A dinner so epic, I have to bring it to you in installments....

Happy Belated Pepero Day!