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Thanksgiving 2014 Dinner

Here's a picture of us before we got down to business.  The star of the show was the bacon shallot gravy.  It improved everything it came in contact with.  For the sake of all that is holy, you do not need to make 5 lb. of sweet potatoes.  I'm talking to you, 2015 Ginny.  But definitely use Chinese 5 spice and pistachios in the topping.  Also, try not to buy your ham at Costco, unless you have plans for all the leftovers.  Feeding ham to your family every day for a week is not a "plan."

Blurry but happy.

Blurry but happy.

Maddy and John made an excellent horseradish cream to accompany the roast--it involved heavy cream, Greek yogurt, scallions and lots of freshly grated horseradish.  It will be repeated.  Per Maddy's request we did Momofuku cauliflower and the meringue topped sweet potatoes.  Unlikely to make it onto next year's roster were the roasted sunchokes with balsamic and rosemary.  Tasty, not outstanding, and potentially using valuable stomach real estate that you should fill with mashed potatoes instead.  

Die, ham, die.  We are tired of you.

Die, ham, die.  We are tired of you.

Speaking of mashed potatoes--Yukon golds, more butter than cream, plenty of salt.  That is all.     

Sam was right about a salad.  Nobody needs it, and nobody should eat raw parsnips even if they are thinly shaved.  Not a keeper.

Thanksgiving 2014 Desserts

A dinner so epic, I have to bring it to you in installments....