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The Farm

Thanks to the hospitality of our section chief, the "office" holiday party had a decidedly bucolic feel this year.  Having spent time with her and her alpaca, it came as no surprise to see her farmstead brimming with happy chickens, pigs and goats.  She has plans for a cow and a calf next year, and when her currently pregnant goats give birth they will be in the most competent of hands.  We collected eggs, fed the goats, scratched the pigs and enjoyed the country living the way that only people who don't actually live in the country can.

There was plenty of food and holiday cheer, sorely needed after a year of significant change in our department.  The midwifery service continues to grow, and one of my partners missed the party, exhausted after catching 5 babies the previous day (4 of them in the span of ~1 hour)!

I caught my last two babies of 2014 yesterday, gorgeous baby boys with a combined weight of nearly 18 lb.  Tonight Ian and I will celebrate our 18th anniversary at Little Serow, and we have more fondue lined up for New Year's Eve. Then it's all kale all the time until February.

Behold the power of cheese.....