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We only have a few more years to cement the Christmas traditions into our children's memory banks, so we continue to pull out all the stops.  Sophie still writes a list, with an increasing slant towards manga and video games;  I still fill their stockings, and we always have monkey bread, grapefruit and bacon 'n' eggs.  Sophie and Ian's eggs are cooked into submission, and Maddy has finally joined the properly cooked egg bandwagon.  People are allowed to pick at the monkey bread, but nobody is forced to eat a full meal prior to present time.

2014 is the second year I have knit a hat for the first Christmas baby delivered by my practice, and it's a tradition I will continue.  Gratifying to knit for a tiny person.  This year it was the elfin hat pattern from Purlbee, ingeniously constructed from yarn I already had in my stash.


This year we celebrated a few days early so Maddy can spend Christmas day with her dad, and travel to Asheville for the Lindy Focus on the 26th.  Her big present will be a trip to Ikea to outfit her new apartment with furnishings.  There was the requisite picture of the girls in front of the tree.  We were insistent on Makoa's presence because we aren't sure she will be around for Christmas #18.  Cooper with his fat, sleek self has lives to spare.


The Farm

Holiday Picture