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It's got to be the morning after.....

0800: postpartum rounds, send two of my three patients home

0900: eat the first of 5 Godiva chocolates from a box sitting in a call room

11-1300: attempt to renew ACNM membership, worse than the Obamacare website, ultimately succeed

1300-1500: administrative stuff-look for CME, update dues list, chat with other midwife, try to avoid eating more chocolate

1500-1700 booorrrreeeeed

1700-1800 look forward to pizza we will be having at chapter meeting

1800-2100 chapter meeting, answering service (which hasn't called me all day) calls 4 times during the meeting.  One patient sounds pretty sick and arrives just as I am leaving meeting.

2100-2315 stabilize sick patient, thankful I got the flu vaccine

Midnight: arrive home, have glass of wine, chart telephone calls

0030: fall into bed

0130: dog has squeaky toy; take squeaky toy from dog, hide under my pillow

0200: Sophie enters room, "I threw up and some of it missed the toilet."

0230: Hear Sophie get up to barf again, comfort Sophie, plunge toilet because "I think I clogged it with paper towels"

0330: cat meowing

0545: Ian's alarm rings, decide to go to afternoon Crossfit

0630: Ian's second alarm rings, give up, get out of bed, check on Sophie, drink coffee

0700: check on patient who is stable in ICU

0730 make granola

0830 write blog post



Spicy, sour, only a little sweet.