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Winter's Tale

Sophie spent much of this past weekend  at Katsucon-an anime convention at National Harbor, but she got home early enough on Saturday to eat dinner with us at our friend's house.

We brought our fondue pot, a cocktail and mocktails to share.

DSC_5978 sm.jpg

Our friends supplied the food and a fireplace.  We teamed up in the kitchen, slicing fruit and bread.  Ian used his low-light lens, to great advantage.


I coveted their copper fondue pot, a garage sale find!


It reminded me of an old fondue restaurant in Ocean City, Maryland whose name I have forgotten.  It had wooden booths, dim lighting, and you felt like you were in a 1970's ski lodge.  

The snow is melting now, aided by a driving rain.  This was accompanied by thunder and lightning on my bike ride home from Crossfit earlier this morning.  I'm making Momofuku Milk Bar's "birthday cake" for a friends party this weekend, dashi for dinner tonight and contemplating seeing "12 Years a Slave."  I finished a pair of socks for Sophie last week, and the first sock of another pair along with a cute hat.  I am debating a trip to Rhinebeck NY Sheep and Wool Festival in October (fall color!), but right now the only kind of weather I want is the sunny kind.


I am the eggman.