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I am the eggman.

There's nothing like a 60 degree day in the middle of February to make me more susceptible to pictures like this one.  Maddy said she will help me build it.  I don't need the bench seat or the pergola.  After last year's gardening fail I probably should save that money to just spend at the local farmer's market.

Things I made this week:

Dashi-used in a noodle soup.  Notes from the kitchen: 4 week old baby bok choi revives nicely in homemade broth.  Cats go CRAZY for katsuobushi.

Roast pork and colcannon, penne alfredo with pancetta and broccoli, birthday cake from Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook, and goat cheese ice cream with orange (to go with birthday cake).

Things I wanted to make this week but didn't: these chickpea fries and Momofuku's roast cauliflower. 

We went out to dinner Thursday night at Haven. I think we may have finally found our neighborhood restaurant.  Friendly staff (comped Ian a beer because our pizza took awhile), good beer and wine list, excellent pizza and homemade gelato, free parking and a 10 minute drive.  The only downside were the tomatoes on my salad--don't bother to put tomatoes in a salad if they are the sad, anemic winter variety.

This conversation happened there: music playing in the background is "More Than a Feeling."

Ian: "This is from one of the first albums I ever bought.  I played it non-stop in high school."

Sophie: "Who is it?"

Me: "Aggggh, I know who this is...."

Ian: (giving me a hint) "City in Massachusetts..."

Me: "That's not a real band, City in Massachusetts."

Ian: (barely able to speak because of laughter) "It's Boston."

My walrus moment.


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