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Is it Fryday yet?

The chickpea fries were a total fail, disintegrating as they hit the hot oil.  Ian said, "What else can we fry?"  We settled on some frozen vegetable dumplings--not a bad pairing with the Momofuku broccoli.  It's snowing again as I type this, big lazy flakes; it's beautiful and hard to begrudge our slide back into winter.  I had a bowl of this for breakfast, except I used raisins and pecans instead of cranberries and hazelnuts.  I made it this past weekend--Sophie was indifferent, and Ian thought "it could be sweeter."  I find it hard to take constructive criticism from a man who was loading leftover birthday cake crunch onto his oatmeal last week .  I subbed maple syrup for the honey, feel free to add more if you find it lacking.

After clinic yesterday, busier than it should have been due to a combination of administrative errors and a patient that was a "poor historian" (this is medical record speak for "liar"), my midwife partners and I stopped at a divey bar to vent.  Happy hour drafts, french fries, eggplant fries (I'm making those next time!) and a soul-feeding conversation about our respective paths to midwifery.  We decided I should make cinnamon rolls for the staff meeting on Thursday.

After a tense couple of weeks, it seems as if Crossfit will continue at NIH, albeit under new management.  The friendships made since joining have become one of the reasons I look forward to getting on a bike in sub-freezing temperatures to make the trip to the gym.  I answered an ad on Sophie's high school list serve for a running partner, and I am hopeful and anxious about forging another friendship over shared mileage.  

Sprinkles optional.

Sprinkles optional.

The steak before the storm.

I am the eggman.