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Spicy, sour, only a little sweet.

Soph requested pad Thai for dinner.  She spent the previous evening at the local cooking school's "teen night out" whipping up Greek delicacies like moussaka and baklava. She said she wanted some spicy food to cut through her nasal congestion.

I also made Pok Pok's tamarind whiskey sour, to cut through my general sense of ennui and anger that I cannot stream the Olympics from NBC.com. 

The crappiest picture in the post..

The crappiest picture in the post..

Witness now the difference a good low light lens with associated good photographer makes...Pok Pok's pad Thai recipe was worth the effort as well.  It called for two ingredients I have never put in pad Thai: salted radish and garlic chives.  These necessitated a trip to the Thai grocery where Ian also bought blueberry yogurt wafer cookies, a chocolate-filled cookie, some weird yogurt thing, satay sauce and black sticky rice with coconut and taro.

  I also realized that I had been making pad Thai all wrong!  I had been attempting to stir fry all the noodles at the same time-the sauce to noodle ratio was off, and the noodles never had the right texture.  As long as you have everything ready to go, it really doesn't take much longer to fry up the individual portions.  This is the first time Sophie's bean sprouts didn't wind up in a little pile on her plate.


Maddy and I want to have an Asian-themed dinner party this spring.  "Outside with a lot of tea lights."  Maybe we will have a pad Thai station.  We had coconut sticky rice with mango for dessert.  That will definitely be featured at our dinner party.  Right now Maddy is too busy with school and dreaming of building her own cabin.  The weather also seems to be permanently set on Polar Vortex and not conducive to a candlelit backyard soiree.  At least we have the release of season two of "House of Cards" to look forward to.


It's got to be the morning after.....