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The sadness of no maple syrup in the house with a fresh blanket of snow outside....Sophie was unable to make the maple syrup candy from "Little House on the Prairie," and we had to have blueberry compote on our pancakes.

I am not regretting my decision to purchase "Whole Grain Mornings."  I've made the millet breakfast cookies, granola, whole grain pancake mix and zucchini farro cakes thus far.  None have disappointed, and the zucchini cakes are worth the price of the book.  I have a giant bag of kamut on my counter, and there isn't even a recipe for kamut in the book.  I fear I have a bulk food grain problem.  No worries, there is a whole section on kamut in "Good to the Grain."  I hope "wheat belly" isn't the end of me.  Luckily I just did my fasting labs this past week, and I am happy to report that my HDL (the good cholesterol) level is off the charts, and my fasting blood sugar and hemoglobin A1C are also normal.  Suck it, Paleo cult members.

I spent the last hour shoveling snow, and I am still going to the Crossfit Valentine's Day partner WOD...I found a partner who won't make me feel bad about my inability to do a pull-up.  Sophie's  arm got tired after <1 min of shaking the mocktail shaker last night, and Ian sprained his ankle earlier this week so they are off the hook. 


Winter's Tale

It's got to be the morning after.....