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My Lazy Persian Kitchen

I worked late last night at our midwifery service's "Meet & Greet," a monthly question and answer session for the public to help people learn whether midwifery care is right for them.  We try to dispel misconceptions about midwives (you can't have an epidural, it's not as safe as having a doctor) and talk about the huge advantages for all but the most high-risk pregnancies (low tech, high touch and a huge emphasis on patient education).  I'm hoping our young couple with the admittedly anxious husband will come see me next week.  While I was serving up the midwifery Kool-Aid, Ian and Sophie were getting dinner at Boloco.  In their defense, they did ask me what I wanted on my burrito.  Unfortunately, I gave no input.  My burrito had rice, beans, lettuce, some sort of meat, and what's that pink stuff in my burrito, cabbage? Beets (wtf?!). 

 I made a celery root and pomegranate salad from The New Persian Kitchen.  Biking to Trader Joe's to pick up the pomegranate seeds I was passed by a highway department truck pulling a flatbed trailer of deer carcasses.  We're going vegetarian tonight.  The author describes several ways to remove seeds from a pomegranate.  I recommend the method that involves biking to TJ and buying the package of just pomegranate seeds.  At first taste, the salad seems lacking, but maybe it needs a little more acid.  I will pluck a lime off my tree and we'll see. 

We will have buttermilk panna cotta with apricot compote and candied fennel seeds for dessert.  I will be using pre-candied fennel seeds because I have them available.  I am jealously awaiting Maddy's report on her dinner at 610 Magnolia.  She's planning on the 4 course dinner, because, you know, beets.  I hope it's worth the 14 hour round trip drive, and I hope she gets a picture with Chef Edward Lee.


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