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The particular sadness of grapefruit cake.

The only sad thing about this cake is the fact that it is gone.  Sophie's friend Georgia said, "It's the best cake I've ever had."  I adapted from Valerie Gordon's recipe for tangerine cake and am ever thankful to Jennifer Reese for posting the link on her blog.  I added a smidge of Aperol to the second icing, mostly for color.  I think everybody in the family ate a big chunk of this daily-baked on Sunday, gone by Wednesday.  By the way, if your tube pan is oldish like mine, you may want to put a baking sheet on the rack below in case of any leakage.  Otherwise, the next time you use the oven the batter that dripped to the oven floor may or may not catch fire.

Ian and I went to see "The Lunchbox" Sunday afternoon.  What a charming film, very food-centric but not precious.  Afterwards we stopped off at a local wine bar/wine shop and took advantage of their "no corkage" Sunday special and watched the first snowflakes fall.

Monday morning we awoke to yet another 6-8" of snow, canceling school, Crossfit and work again.  After the shoveling and the running I made these lamb meatballs and combined them with a simple sauce from "My New PersianKitchen".  Sophie ate them up, perhaps not realizing they were lamb.  She may just have been exhausted from the two hours that she and her friends spent sledding.  

The weather has taken a turn for the worse today with a cold drizzle melting the snow and muddying up the backyard.  I ate leftover meatballs, papaya salad and grapefruit cake while binge-watching "Inside Amy Schumer" all afternoon.  Since we are going out to dinner tonight the only thing I thought about cooking today was the double-chocolate bundt cake from "Sunday Suppers at Lucques," but that would only complete the evil triumvirate with my weather-induced mild depression and the mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer.

Wine and whine.

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