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Maddy sent me this recipe for a savory breakfast bread pudding.  Since we bought all the ingredients at Costco I have 5 lb. of bacon in my freezer.  I would definitely use some of it to make this again.  As you can see, I baked it in the same pan that I used to cook the bacon and greens.  It served 4 adults and one teenager breakfast, and then provided lunch for and supplemented the dinner of the same teenager.  It would probably serve up to 8 normal people.


After breakfast, Spencer, Maddy and I surveyed the "free" and "gigs" sections of the Washington, DC craigslist.  I highly recommend this.  In addition to learning NEVER to open a post with a picture in the "gigs" section, we marveled at the many ways a "handsome caucasian male" could troll for "a special woman to take care of" and the stuff that people will put on the "free" section.  Like a 500 lb. barrel of winter wheat, and South Park underwear and peace sign earrings (must take together).  We also watched many episodes of "Sweet Genius."  It's another competition chef show.  The host delivers his verdict in haiku form, likely unintentionally, but to great comedic effect.  

Maddy designed an awesome sticker we will put on the 200 bags of granola I will be making for this years Birth & Babies Fair.  It sounds vastly less tedious than making mini cupcakes.  

You are a sticker genius.  Compensation: take care of you.

You are a sticker genius.  Compensation: take care of you.

My Tuesday was fatter than yours.

The steak before the storm.