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The steak before the storm.

We used the bbq grill for the first time in 2014 this past Saturday.  The entire meal sourced at Costco.  I wish I had the outdoor equipment necessary to cook an entire lamb because you can buy them there too (~$120).

Sophie was an usher/ticket taker at her high school's production of "Lord of the Flies," so she missed out on dinner.  Not surprisingly she headed straight for dessert when she got home.  "There's only a little bit of ice cream left, should I just eat it all?"  She ran a 3:00 for the 800 meter time trial earlier in the day at outdoor track time trials. Next year she will skip indoor track in favor of working as a tech for the winter play.  The time trials are cancelled today along with school and work due to ANOTHER snow storm.

Anchovy, soy and tomato paste.

Anchovy, soy and tomato paste.


But back to this weekend's dinner....Steak, smashed fingerlings, romaine salad with candied walnuts, Caprese salad with (horrors!) store-bought pesto and homemade mint chocolate chip ice-cream for dessert. The fingerlings were a recipe from the Vedge cookbook-roast, smash gently and then douse with a mustard/mayo/worcestershire sauce reminiscent of the house dressing I used to make in 4 gallon batches at The Cheese Shop.  Maddy thought Roberta's recipe no match for my Caesar dressing, but, damn, those candied walnuts are addictive!  I think Roberta's has made the short list for my next cookbook acquisition as well as our trip to NYC.

Caprese salad and plate. Nice.

Caprese salad and plate. Nice.


Is it Fryday yet?