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Wine and whine.

With Ian on break before starting his new job in Falls Church we had time for a few day trips to Baltimore, the Virginia wine country, and Frederick, MD.  We had two excellent meals at Thames Street Oyster House and Shoo-fly Diner in Baltimore, bookending a trip to the aquarium where we managed to stay ahead of a group of screaming elementary schoolers.  I don't know whether it was the lobster roll I had for lunch or the dimly lit environs of the aquarium (fish tanks ARE relaxing, even on a grand scale), but I was ready for a nap by the end of the trip.  At Shoo-fly we sat at the bar, chatting up the genial, hipster bartender who rewarded us with a sample of their house-made coffee liquor.  The onion rings were the best I've had in recent memory.  A punch cup of their 4 p.m. Manhattan revived me nicely.


Soggy pasture and bleak early spring landscape, what a downer.

Soggy pasture and bleak early spring landscape, what a downer.

Friday we took advantage of a Groupon for a wine tasting and tour at Molon Lave Vineyards.  We came home with 3 bottles of wine and a Virginia Winery Map we will put to good use once the weather is more conducive to traipsing around the hills and dales.  

Saturday stopped in Frederick for a little shopping before a friend's promotion party.  We indulged our mid-century glassware obsession at an antique emporium and enjoyed a beautiful spring day with temps finally breaking into the 70s.  I got invited to be on our friend's Army Ten Miler team so I have just over 7 months to get fast and help them win the trophy again.

Today I am making chicken soup, Sophie is shopping with friends and Ian went to Costco (returning with chocolate cereal--I'll never learn).  I am alternately dreading my overnight shift tomorrow and the extra hours at work to help cover a partner who's on vacation and being glad that perhaps the time will pass more quickly.  I want daffodils and cherry blossoms instead of this endless cold.  

The Best Medicine

The particular sadness of grapefruit cake.