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The Best Medicine

The picture below is not a pile of mealworms and soil, it's Hippy Crispy Treats.  If you click on the link and see the picture on the Food52 website you will realize I didn't come close to the Platonic ideal of a "hippy crispy treat."  I used some organic puffed rice cereal that was perhaps too large and likely too stale.  I also substituted honey for the brown rice syrup.  They are still delicious, and I wonder if the "hippy" moniker refers to the ingredients or to the fact that you might want to eat a lot of these if you lived in Colorado or Washington.

The cookie, crumbling.

The cookie, crumbling.

Sophie's first outdoor track meet is Thursday (canceled Tuesday due to snow), and I am stuck at work all day.  I made her this Nutella cake to compensate.  I ate a small corner piece that had no Nutella marbelization; it was still delicious.   She continues to hoard the Cheezels that her grandparents sent her from their recent trip to Australia, but I expect that none of this cake will make it back from the meet.

Aside from the mom-fail (see missing first home track meet above), full-time work is going well.  There was enough left-over chicken soup for dinner Tuesday night, Monday night I made steak/potatoes/asparagus before I left for my overnighter, and tonight they can have leftover oven-baked chicken.  I used the same marinade/rub for the steak and chicken: douse meat with fish sauce, add powdered garlic/powdered onion/smoked paprika in equal amounts, marinate 4-8 hours.   I had a beautiful delivery in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and today a local radio station will be interviewing us on L&D about our upcoming nitrous oxide program

The weekend is nearly here, but it's looking like precipitation both days--at least it's the non-frozen variety.  


Wine and whine.