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Vedge In the House

You are looking at Sophie's favorite dinner this week.  If you click on the caption below the picture it will link you to the recipe.  I couldn't find black lentils so I subbed French lentils and I didn't go through the trouble of making vegetable stock.  I cooked the lentils in some whey I had left over from yogurt making, adding a bit more salt and spice mixture to compensate.  That green harissa is pretty damn spicy.  I had quite a bit left-over, ditto for the lentils.  I wish I had made more carrots.  By the way, it took waaaay longer than 15-20 minutes to roast the carrots, more like 45 minutes.

I went to Penzey's to source the spices I needed to make the gingerbread from Roberta's.  It smells great, and I hope it was worth the effort.  I'm glad I didn't shower after Crossfit this morning because I got another workout grating all the fresh ginger.  I was able to do two ugly pull-ups at the gym today.  Just wanted to put that out there so when I look back in a year that will seem wimpy in comparison to the 10 I can do in 2015.

My Lazy Persian Kitchen

My Tuesday was fatter than yours.