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No Sleep Til Brooklyn

This post begins with the first day of our 2nd annual NYC Spring break trip.  We had decided to explore Brooklyn this time around--an opportunity to visit Roberta's and Pok Pok and see the hipsters in vivo.  I am pictured below double-fisting some happy hour beers at Bad Burger.  Sophie enjoyed a cherry-rickey and we calmed our nerves after witnessing a motorcycle accident minutes before.  Nobody was injured, other than the vintage motorcycle.  By the way, there was no shortage of vintage motorcycles in Brooklyn, natch.

We shopped along Bedford Ave., and Sophie picked up some cute fork and spoon earrings at a vintage store.  The weather was beautiful, with spring-like temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  We made our way to Roberta's early since they don't take reservations.  While awaiting our table (predicted 90 minute wait) we ordered olives, a cheese plate, and bread and butter.  Our first, and only mistake.  Our table was ready in <30 minutes so we packed up our cereal bowl full of olives and realized that we were seriously over-carbed.  

We ordered the Good Girl pizza and regretted we had no room for some of the more interesting menu options.  As usual, there was real estate available in our dessert stomachs for the almond tart with yuzu sherbet and a chocolate cake with kaffir lime ice cream.  The ice creams stole the show, especially the yuzu.  I will have to explore the dessert section of their cookbook in earnest.

Back to the hotel, total walking mileage for day one ~7 miles.  Tomorrow there will be cronuts.


Pok Pok

Cherry Blossom Pre-Bloom