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A change in the weather and a bowl of noodles.

I am woefully behind with my NYC posts, so I am going to knock out a bunch in one sitting, quality be damned.

After our trip to the 9-11 Memorial, we split up with Ian heading to a TKS outlet in South Street Seaport and Sophie and I braving the Century 21 store with its 5 levels of designer bargains.

Sophie got the long black trench coat she has been dreaming about, and it served her well for the remainder of the day as the weather deteriorated into a blustery steady rain, ultimately ending with driving sleet as we walked home from our Broadway show.  Despite the cruddy weather, we managed 9.6 miles of foot travel.

We all ordered the Hakata classic ramen at Ippudo.  Probably the best bowl of tonkotsu ramen I've had since Hakata Bunko in Seoul.  Like most ramen joints we were greated with shouts in Japanese, and gently encouraged to finish our meal ASAP.  We rounded out our afternoon with a trip to a baking supply store, Dylan's Candy Bar, and the corner store where we bought a giant bottle of beer to share in our room while waiting to see "Rock of Ages."

We were pleasantly surprised that the Helen Hayes theater was small enough that even our discounted seats afforded us decent views of the production.  This was the perfect show to take our teenager to see: we enjoyed the music that brought us back to our high school days, and she enjoyed the sophomoric humor.  Actually we all enjoyed the sophomoric humor because who doesn't like a good fart joke?

Gramercy Tavern

Katz's Deli