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Birthday Baked Goods Part Deux

Sophie finally decided on a dress and boots for her birthday, and she didn't let me forget that we had yet to do a birthday cake for her.  At her doctor's appointment for her camp physical yesterday, she officially outgrew me.  

The taco party was a huge success, if by success you mean nobody left hungry, children didn't want to leave, and nothing caught on fire.  We set up our camping gazebo which saved us from the intermittent rain.  We left it up and bought another one for the camper after we realized how nice it is to sit on the patio in the shade.  Maddy made the carnitas for me, a huge help since I spent a good part of the day cheering Sophie on at her last track meet of the season.  She ran a PR in the mile (6:13), probably due to my vigorous cow bell ringing.  Our menu this year also included the best and easiest tres leches cake I have ever made.  The recipe is here, and I am proud to say it was contributed by my friend Abby from Austin.

Mother's Day Brunch

Birthday Muffins