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Riding to Crossfit yesterday morning I spied what I initially thought was a cat sitting in a driveway.  On closer inspection, it proved to be the adorable gentleman pictured below.  He allowed me a couple of photos before dashing under a nearby parked car.  Foxes are TINY, and seriously cute.  I hope I see him again, unless he's rabid.

You're fantastic!

You're fantastic!

At Crossfit I tried really hard for the first 5 rounds of the workout to do double under jump ropes (rope passes under you twice with each jump) before I gave up.  I will practice my jump roping at the hospital on Saturday where I am likely to be imprisoned all day.  We have a cook out to attend on Sunday, and I'm probably going to bring that old standby broccoli salad.  I know I won't have the energy for a more creative effort.

I bought David Lebovitz's cookbook, "My Paris Life" last weekend at the farmer's market because he was there on his book tour.  At last, some inspiration.  My family is officially done with leftover taco fixings.  I made the caramel pork ribs yesterday and served them with fattoush.  I did substitute Stacy's pita chips for the pita bread crisps in the recipe, and I totally forgot to add the sumac.  Sophie said, "This is all so good," in a seemingly surprised tone of voice.  Subtext: finally, a real dinner.  She was right, it was a delicious meal.  Worth having to turn on the A/C because the ribs took two hours to cook in the oven.  Tonight before I leave for my overnight shift we will have the chicken with mustard.  

For those of you wondering what an anime convention get up looks like, Sophie's birthday presents arrived.  Sans wig, but still impressive.



Memorial Day Murph

Mother's Day Brunch