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Birthday Muffins

Sophie's 15th birthday was this Thursday, and she requested a sweet breakfast treat to bring to school with her.  Have you made donut muffins?  You should, but you shouldn't fool yourself that they are in any way healthier than donuts.  I used this recipe, and I did dunk them in melted butter.  I think they are probably best warm, but this tray came home empty so day-old is likely just as delicious.

In preparation for our Taco party 2.0 I have been keeping the refrigerator pretty bare.  I took this opportunity to throw out a bunch of stuff including a quart jar of preserved lemons.  Note to self, make a smaller jar next time.  I took a picture of the interior of my newly cleaned and organized shelves.  I can't tell you how many times I opened the door just so I could gaze lovingly at my handiwork.  The garage fridge remains a mess, stuffed with pounds and pounds of pork shoulder destined to become carnitas, queso fresco, tortillas, tomatillos, hibiscus tea and beef for bulgogi.  I hope people show up.  I hope not too many people show up and I run out of food.  I hope it doesn't rain.  I hope all the avocados I bought are perfectly ripe.  This will all seem easier with that first margarita in hand, right?

Birthday Baked Goods Part Deux