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Crepes for Dinner

We haven't been camping yet this summer due to a variety of other commitments.  Cooking and dining outdoors is one of my favorite things about camping.  Our new tradition this summer has been Sunday meals in the backyard.  The weather and bugs have been much improved vs. summer 2013, and we continue to pat ourselves on the back for keeping the canopy up.

Sophie left for Camp Letts today, and I will head down to visit Maddy at The Abundant Seed on Tuesday.  We had a great visit with good friends from Kansas, en route to their new duty station in Richmond.  Our children have known each other literally more than half their lives.  There are no friends like old friends.  Pictures will be forthcoming.  It made 4th of July (our nation's birthday) and 5th of July (my birthday) extra special.


Tonight Ian and I had a salad that included our first tomato and zucchini from the garden.  Seems like summer is already passing by too quickly.  Looking forward to our trip to Asheville later this month and reconnecting with another great friend from Korea while Sophie attends the Nike Smoky Mountain running camp.  

Freshman year, check!

Freshman year, check!

Western Maryland Weekend

Back to the Farm