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Birthday dinner Hawaiian-style.

Plate lunch.  Even without macaroni salad, Ian's birthday dinner captured the essence of this quintessential local meal.

I purchased the kimchi and seaweed salad.  The chicken katsu, katsu sauce and ahi poke were home-made.  The katsu recipe was allegedly from L&L Drive-inn, plate lunch Valhalla.  The poke recipe is from my head because anybody who loves Hawaii as much as I do knows how to make a decent ahi poke:

Ahi poke

8 oz. of sashimi-grade ahi cut into 1/2" cubes

soy sauce

sesame oil

sliced scallions

sesame seeds

Korean chili (gochugaru)

Mix all together, adjusting amounts to your taste.

You must serve chicken katsu with plain white rice, and I like to put a layer of thinly sliced white cabbage beneath the chicken, you know, for fiber.

Soaking up the culture.

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