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Soaking up the culture.

We headed into DC two weekends ago to check out the American Cool exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery which led to a shake at the Shake Shack across the street which led to wandering to the Mall.  We walked through the Wyeth exhibit at the National Gallery of Art and the sculpture garden.  I am pictured below showing my appreciation for a large metal square.

We had a snack at The Source where a really awesome bartender (John?) concocted a mocktail for Sophie and then made her a different mocktail gratis when he saw she had finished the first.  He also only charged us $3 for both mocktails.  I can appreciate the $12 craft cocktail with fine spirits but it kills me to pay $8 for a glorified glass of fruit juice.  Sophie and her friend Leah brought their own seltzer to a pancake house the other day so they could DIY some egg creams with their chocolate milk.  I digress, but not really.....we continued down the street to Daikaya for more snacks where we enjoyed a beautifully crafted but teensy portion of ahi poke.  


Nonetheless, it was perhaps not $5/bite delicious.  I had a black sesame panna cotta that I am anxious to replicate at home, and Sophie had fried chicken and rice balls.  As I read this, I am realizing that Ian's request for chicken katsu for his birthday dinner may have been inspired by this meal, or maybe it was seeing Duke Kahanamoku in the American Cool exhibit.

Daikaya, home of the $10 tablespoon of poke.

Daikaya, home of the $10 tablespoon of poke.


Birthday dinner Hawaiian-style.