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The most remarkable thing about this dinner is the fact that Sophie walked to the fishmonger with me to purchase the salmon.  We were going to ride our bikes, but "that makes my legs really tired."  I hate driving to this fishmonger because they only have two parking spots, and they are always full unless you've walked the mile and a half.  After choosing a passionfruit soda Sophie elected to wait outside because she hates even the smell of fish.

I pan fried the salmon and then made a pan sauce of sautéed cherry tomatoes, zucchini and basil, a little butter plus a splash of vermouth.  Sophie just ate the sauce after confirming I didn't cook it in the same pan as the fish (I totally did).  

Her legs were not tired last weekend at the cross-country time trials where she ran 2:20 faster than she did last year earning a top ten finish,  Her coach gave her a shout out on the cross-country mass email, confirming that all the hard work this summer has paid off.  Her summer reading is completed, we bought what we hope is an indestructible binder and a new back-pack, and she is ready for sophomore year.  

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