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Gun Slinger

I decided to delve into my birthday cookbook: Around the World in 80 Dishes.  I will make some gado gado tonight and we will have Singapore Slings.  It definitely won't be the same drink I remember from the Raffles Hotel--cheaper by far and sadly, not pink.  You are supposed to refrigerate grenadine after opening, who knew?  

We will do without this time, but I would love to make some of my own bitters and grenadine in the future.  

Sophie had a great time at Otakon, and has asked me to teach her how to sew so she can make more costumes in the future.  We made this bag today with minimal frustration.  Stay tuned for pictures of her recent adventures.   Cross-country practice started this morning; I am hoping that the sophomore parents get assigned desserts for the upcoming pasta dinners.  Freshman parents were in charge of pasta, and that got boring pretty fast.

Sans grenadine.  Not so pretty.

Sans grenadine.  Not so pretty.

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you will realize that baked goods are my forte. Today Sophie is going to have a trial run of her hand pies that she will use for the upcoming pie contest.  Her friend, Leah, is coming over and will get an impromptu cooking lesson. This recipe for Persimmon cake caught my eye this weekend while I was perusing the A.O.C Cookbook at Barnes & Noble.  I doubled the recipe so I could use up some of my frozen persimmon puree, but, wow, 7 sticks of butter?!!  I whittled that down to 5 with good results.  It seems to be fine without the maple walnuts and creme fraiche, but it would be a stupendous dessert with them.  Right now it seems like a great cake to snack on or eat for breakfast, and will accompany me to our staff meeting tomorrow.

Sophie and I had a piece when the cake was warm out of the oven, and she said, "you really can taste the cardamom."  She is right, and it's my favorite thing about this cake.  I did have to cover the top with some foil the last 20 min of baking because it was browning too quickly.

I am listening to her making pie crust with her friend and thinking that she may have been paying attention over the years after all.

Birthday dinner Hawaiian-style.

Too fast.