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Wake me up when September ends....

Heat and humidity back with a vengeance.  Just in time for the first cross-country meet this weekend and my mileage ramp-up for the Army Ten Miler.  During the WOD I could barely hold on to my sweaty wall-ball, and I haven't left the house all day.  Poor Maddy, her new house does not have A/C.  It does have composting toilets that, thankfully, are not her responsibility to maintain.  I'm hoping she will help me build this in my backyard once the weather is cooler.  Maybe I'll nail that muscle-up before my 50th birthday.

Is it local? Not likely at $0.97/lb.  

Is it local? Not likely at $0.97/lb.  

With Sophie back in school I did use my relatively free time to make some good dinners including Yotam Ottolenghi's sweet corn polenta and his za'atar roast chicken.  The polenta I topped with a fresh tomato sauce.   You should definitely make the eggplant sauce if you have eggplant--Ottolenghi turned eggplant into a Lee family favorite.  With the tomato sauce it was more like a soup which suited Sophie just fine and packed well for lunching.  Will make again even though it's a pain to cut corn off the cob.  Sophie wants you to know that the number of kernels on the cob = the number of strands of silk.  We are grooming her for Jeopardy.

The za'atar roast chicken was easy and also delicious although Ian said "it's a bit fatty" and Sophie dissected hers with near surgical precision.  I think I will use split breasts next time.  If I do I will make the green tahini sauce because I think breasts have an annoyingly high meat:skin ratio.  Maybe if I bought free-range chicken without their genetically enhanced breasts this would be less of a problem.   The reason I omitted the sauce was because I  made the haricot vert and freekah salad which called for tahini and herbs;  and a half-teaspoon of pure maple syrup.   Really? Was Yottam just rummaging around in his fridge one day trying to use up the odd bits of condiments?  You could probably omit this and nobody would be the wiser.

Speaking of using stuff up, I had some almond flour and coconut flour hogging up freezer door real estate that I needed for Gatorade bottles so I made this "gluten-free, Paleo banana bread."  Except I added butterscotch and chocolate chips, because, you know, the freezer door thing.    I am doubtful that cavemen had access to coconuts or bananas, but I defer to the experts.  Awaiting the verdict from the post-workout teens before I put this recipe in the rotation.

I hear cavemen  loved  chocolate chips.

I hear cavemen loved chocolate chips.

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