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Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven.....

The never ending CSA box was inspiration for several meals this week.  Why did I double the parsnips and portobello shares?  I feel better about that decision after finding recipes that aren't of the "roast vegetable" variety.  Even though these parsnip biscuits are no match for my now go-to recipe, they are an innovative way to use up a parsnip or two.  I served them with some posole that I rescued from the deep freezer.  The remainder became parsnip gnocchi.  Dirt Candy's ridiculously complex recipe for the restaurant dish can be found here--just follow the directions for the parsnip gnocchi.  Full disclosure, I did not roast them with the other root vegetables--just the shallots and onions.  Be careful when adding the flour to form the gnocchi--the dough remained fairly sticky.  I let them hang out in the refrigerator overnight after I did the boiling part (carefully lubricated with olive oil).  The next night for dinner I sautéed with a little butter and olive oil to brown a bit on each side.  I removed them to a plate and kept warm while I reduced some heavy cream in the sauté pan with fresh nutmeg and black pepper.  They were delicious enough to warrant another box of parsnips.  The portobellos became portobello frites--one of those dishes where you truly "don't miss the meat."  Here is a pro-tip for you, and an hallelujah moment for anybody who has been on a quest for the perfect "oven fry."  Proceed with the frites as directed in the recipe up to the point where you have cut them into wedges.  Crank oven temp to 425 F and liberally oil two sheet pans with olive oil.  Slide the potato wedges through the oil, turning to coat both sides.  Don't be shy with salt and pepper.  Cook ~10-15 min. until browned on one side , then flip and brown the other side.  Don't crowd the sheets; the potatoes will steam instead of browning.  This also worked well with some waxy potatoes, just a little different texturally but still crispy on the outside.  I subbed sherry for the red wine in the portobello sauce and added a little heavy cream--an improvement in my estimation.

Bon Appetit hat trick

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