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Bon Appetit hat trick

I think you only need three dishes to call it a hat trick, and this month's issue has been a gold mine.  I am already making a second round of charred broccoli with peanuts.  You can find nutritional yeast at most Whole Foods or natural grocery stores.  When you aren't making this recipe it makes a good popcorn topping.  Pictured below is chickpeas and chard with poached eggs.  I duded it up with some avocado and fresh pasta.  I selfishly took the more beautiful egg for my plate.  I substituted kale for the Swiss chard and I made my own baharat.  That spice hoarding has finally paid off.  Needless to say, I am resubscribed and got Maddy a gift subscription for only $5.

Tomorrow I will be getting some black radishes in the CSA--I am disappointed to hear they are white inside and have a "spicy bite."  I think I accidentally ordered a double share.  Maybe it's time for some kimchi.

It's all champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Nothing says lovin' like something from the oven.....