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A few of our favorite things.

For those times you don't want a beer and don't want to muddle or dash--I highly recommend the Bittermilk cocktail mixer compounds.  They won our family Old Fashioned blind taste off over Thanksgiving, and I just discovered the existence of all the other flavors on their website along with recipes.  The Jack Rudy bourbon cherries elevate even the non-alcoholic beverage--Sophie enjoyed recently without intoxication.  The Owl's Brew I am reserving judgement as I thought the coconut flavor (not pictured) a wee bit too sweet.

The lazy man's cocktail, just pour, mix and sip.

The lazy man's cocktail, just pour, mix and sip.

My new favorite TV show is Transparent, and having binge-watched the entire season this past week I am thankful that season two is slated to air in 2015.  I read "Station Eleven" and watched "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes", both cautionary post-apocalyptic tales that make one glad for electricity and modern medicine.

I have renewed love for Bon Appetit magazine, and should just re-subscribe.  I had written a nice paragraph about all the recipes I have made from the January issue, but the internet ate it.  You will have to wait to hear about my "weekday porchetta."

We went to a "miniatures" art exhibit yesterday at the Strathmore.  Disappointingly, it was not tiny foods/dollhouse furnishings, but we were agog at some of the teeny paintings (some no bigger than a postage stamp).  We all coveted the tiny "Crib" an "enviresponsible shelter" for people who have $60,000 to drop on a structure without a damn bathroom!  Post museum, we had a snack and drinks at Denizen's Brewing Company--the beer garden has great summer potential.   

Any variation of a Negroni.

Any variation of a Negroni.

Deju Vu Polar Vortex

A toast.