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You got peanut butter in my chocolate.

I felt like it would be hard to top our 2014 post Army Ten Miler meal at Le Diplomate, but our friends pulled out all the stops and put on an amazing brunch complete with bottomless champagne, foie gras pate, a bloody mary bar and an amazing charcuterie board.  I had promised to make a dessert, and this Dominque Ansel Paris-New York  pastry fit the bill.  I skipped the glazed peanut garnish. The other reason I chose this pastry was because our dear friends who have a daughter with a peanut allergy were visiting sans daughter!  

Luckily there was plenty of "do-ahead" and assembly was manageable with Ian and Sophie's help.   I texted Sophie from the Metro on the way home from the race and she sliced the pastries in half. Ian helped fill the piping bags.  That peanut butter mousse was really stiff!  I should have told Sophie to take it out of the fridge a bit earlier.  I think I would also stick with the traditional "cream puff" shape instead of the rings--they just didn't puff up as nicely.

The ten miler went much better than I had anticipated.  I was just under two minutes slower than 2014--good enough to be the second fastest on my team.  We placed 4th in the mixed master's division.  Ian and I hiked Old Rag with some new friends the next day, and I think that made me more sore than the race, to be honest.

As I write this post I have <3 hours til my call shift is over and "I get my life back."  I delivered 5 babies this week, including 2 that I had originally thought might need c-sections.  With a job like this, it's hard to complain about the loss of sleep.  Still hoping that phone doesn't ring though.....

The best things in life are free.

The full manti.