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The full manti.

I took some liberties with Gabrielle Hamilton's manti recipe.  Pictured below are the adult sized dumplings.  I made a few dozen of the regulation sized (1/4 of a wonton square!) before I realized I needed an assistant that would be willing to roll meatballs the size of a pea.  That assistant was not Ian.  Luckily the meatballs were very simple--just ground lamb.  I did not have any College Inn beef broth in the house so I subbed in TJ chicken broth and served on a bed of lettuce from the garden.  They were very, very delicious.  I made enough for a second round which I served with Prune's braised green cabbage with anchovies and garlic.  Don't be afraid of the anchovies, even Sophie couldn't discern any fishiness.

Ian is "happy to have his life back" after finishing his semi-annual physical fitness test this morning.  He and Sophie can celebrate with the Spam fried rice I left them for dinner.  I won't have my life back til Sunday with all the L&D time coming up.  Homecoming and the county cross-country championships are on October 24th.  Then Sophie can have her life back.  Maybe she can work at Williams Sonoma gift-wrapping for the holiday season and getting us a sweet employee discount.

Harris has started this year's persimmon harvest prematurely.

Harris has started this year's persimmon harvest prematurely.

You got peanut butter in my chocolate.

Overproofing. Good for bourbon, bad for buns.