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Porchetta: It's POR-KET-A

I have really enjoyed the first few recipes I have made from The Food Lab, Kenji Lopez-Alt's new slab of a cookbook, but more importantly, I have a new main dish for Thanksgiving.  Cheaper than prime rib by a long shot, and Sophie-approved this "all belly porchetta" performed well in beta testing last week.

I bought a skinless belly from Costco, but I am pretty sure I can find a skin-on belly at H-mart.  It is really fool proof--self basting, plenty of crispy edges and a little slice goes a long way.  Not pictured are the potatoes that roasted in the rendered fat beneath the meat.  Sorry mashed potatoes, you have been replaced.

Sophie had a PR at Counties (21:23), and I am back to Crossfit so we can afford to eat basically roast bacon for our holiday meal even though it causes cancer. 

Make Mine Milk Bar

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