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The fabric of our lives.

Sophie and I checked out the Dominique Ansel cookbook and made this intermediate level recipe.  Very light, as advertised.  Make sure you allow to thaw completely as directed or the texture will suffer.  We renewed said cookbook, and at this point I don't have another bake planned.  It is beautifully photographed and pretty intimidating.  

Needless to say, I stuck with the Fika cookbook and made my physical therapist some cardamom buns.  I will bring them to my follow up appointment today, and hopefully she won't tell me I have a rotator cuff tear.  Nearly three weeks of no Crossfit.  It is depressing.  My running has benefitted greatly.  Maybe the Army Ten Miler this weekend will give me a much-needed morale boost.  

I also checked out Prune--very favorably reviewed by Jennifer Reese, and likely my next cookbook purchase.   So far we have enjoyed the bacon marmalade sandwiches, the soft cooked zucchini with green onions and poblanos, and the sesame biscuits.  Maddy was in town for a photonics conference, and she gave her Chinese co-worker some of the sesame biscuits.  He loved them and said, "I can put the whole thing in my mouth."  I think referring to the fact that they are not too sweet.  She sent him the recipe.  You can find it here.  I did not have to mist the dough to get the sesame seeds to stick.  Honestly, I wouldn't have anyway.  Next on my "to make" list is the manti--impossibly teensy dumplings filled with lamb.  How teensy?  You make each dumpling with 1/4 tsp. ground meat and 1/4 of a wonton wrapper.  I will try to get a photo if I pull it off without explosion.

Overproofing. Good for bourbon, bad for buns.

Pain, pain go away.