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Make Mine Milk Bar

Maddy's 24th birthday was last week, and per tradition, she got to pick her meal and cake.  This cinnamon bun pie from Momofuku Milk Bar definitely skews breakfast so we killed two birds with one stone.  Or at least Sophie and Maddy did, Ian and I ate our share all at once after dinner.  We spent the day in "Koreatown" enjoying endless samples at the Shilla Bakery, scoring cosmetics at the Face Shop and coveting everything at a little shop that sold all the adorable Korean stationery we remembered from Seoul.  

While the girls binge-watched "Ink Masters," I finished the first of three pairs of ancient stitch mittens.  I lined them with some seriously spendy faux fur we got at G-street fabrics.  Super soft, but sheds like a chinchilla in a sauna.  I am waiting to vacuum until I have lined the other pairs.  My in-laws arrive this Friday and this is my deadline.  Currently in contention for Thanksgiving desserts are apple pie, chocolate haupia pie and grapefruit cake.  This sweet potato recipe also looks intriguing.   

We have yet to tire from eating recipes from Lucky Peach's " 101 Easy Asian Recipes."  It is easily my favorite cookbook purchase in recent memory.  Put it on your wish list. This is good weeknight cooking without sub recipes, and once you have acquired the basic ingredients, truly easy.  

Looking forward to Whitman Drama's production of Sweeny Todd, the Turkey Chase and the annual persimmon harvest.  Tonight it's leftovers and Project Runway since Ian is in Ft. Polk (they put the armpit in Army).  

Thanksgiving 2015

Porchetta: It's POR-KET-A