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Goodbye, old friend.

I have a cat-shaped hole in my heart today.  After 18 years of companionship and love, we said goodbye to Makoa on Monday 12/14/15.  It started last Thursday with endless pacing, deteriorating rapidly to near immobility.  Maybe it was a stroke, or maybe she realized I had just bought a new bag of kitty litter.  She had a lot of quality lap time those last few days, and many tears fell.  When the vet tech led Sophie and I into the exam room, I looked at the tissues they had thoughtfully placed at the end of the table and thought, "we're gonna need a bigger box."  

The temptation to get a new kitten is not nonexistent, but nobody could ever replace this cat who we have loved around the world and back again.  The next time we go to Hawaii her ashes will join Piki's at Portlock.  A hui hou, sweet Makoa. 

I'm the pregnant one.....

I'm the pregnant one.....

The blog awakens.

Thanksgiving 2015