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The blog awakens.


This post belonged in 2015, but much like I procrastinated using the 50+ pounds of persimmons and had to throw a garbage bag-full away, I frittered away the month of December.

I shouldn't say "fritter."  The girls and I had a most excellent NYC adventure with relatively mild temperatures.  Those mittens I knit for the trip?  We wore them for about 10 minutes.  We had a fantastic trip to Mood Fabric--I got fabric to make Maddy a duvet cover; Sophie got fabric for cosplay; and Maddy got fabric to make me an apron for Christmas/Mother's Day.  Other highlights included Christmas markets, Chelsea Market, Eataly, the Food52 pop-up shop and a lot of eating.  We had dinner at Baita where the polenta was never piping hot, brunch at Dirt Candy where a smoky mezcal bloody mary didn't need any bacon, and ramen at Ivan Ramen where they seemed unconcerned about toddlers in close proximity to bowls of piping hot ramen.

We saw the subway, Grand Central Terminal, the southernmost corner of Central Park, the tree at Rockefeller Plaza, the Highline and the Christmas windows.  I bought Maddy a lap loom and myself some yarn at Purl Soho.   I am currently on the raglan decreases for Brooklyn Tweed's Coda in the sap colourway.  This sweater will have portions knit in NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, NC, SC, GA and FL by the time it's completed.  I'm hoping I can wear it for more than 10 minutes before it's Spring again.

Stay tuned for our epic holiday road trip posts and maybe some half-baked New Year's resolutions.

A White (Sand) Christmas

Goodbye, old friend.