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Thanksgiving 2015

A very belated post since Ian didn't have time to upload photos prior to his European tour, but here is our Thanksgiving repast in a nutshell.  

I went for simplicity this year, whittling down both the number of sides and desserts, and I was happy I did.  We also didn't run the Turkey Chase due to my tardiness in signing us up and then my thriftiness when I realized late entries would set us back $200.  We ran on the C&O towpath using the Zombies run app to keep things interesting.

Our main course was the "all belly porchetta" (as blogged about previously), roasted potatoes, fiery sweet potatoes (awesome, we totally increased the red curry), some crescent rolls from a tube stuffed with cheese curds (woefully underbaked), stuffing (classic), cranberry from a can (natch) and roasted green beans with sesame and sorghum.


Desserts included a grapefruit cornmeal cake (my favorite), chocolate haupia pie, and apple pie.  I subbed a chocolate crumb crust for the haupia pie.  Highly recommend.  There is maybe nothing I hate more than blind baking a pie crust, and oven real estate is always at a premium on Thanksgiving.

Thankful for a full house and no oysters to shuck.

Goodbye, old friend.

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