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Champagne Supernova

While Sophie and Ian were at Katsucon, Maddy and I made the  champagne cake from "Vintage Cakes." Not too sweet, and an easy bake.  We skipped sieving the custard as it seemed unnecessary.  Sophie was worn out by three days of convention-going and skipped dinner and dessert.  

Sophie's Sylveon cosplay for the last day of the convention was "gijinka," a personification of something that isn't human.  In her case, an evolution of Evee.  She totally nailed it.  She made the majority of her costumes months ago, and is already planning for  Otakon in July.  It will involve a tiny top-hat that Ian bought her at Katsucon.  Stay tuned for Ciel, who wears something like this.  "Nobody buys cosplay because the quality is really bad."  Damn that cheap overseas labor.  Looks like my dining room table will be covered in fabric through the summer.

Pull this thread while I walk away

Valentine's Day Dinner for 3