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Suck it, Sriracha.

I had almost written off sunchokes after the lackluster Thanksgiving recipe.  Paging through my Vedge cookbook I saw this recipe for roasted sunchokes with smoked paprika aioli.  I am convinced I have stumbled across the savory equivalent of Nutella--that aioli is the shit!  Is it because I used Duke's mayo and not vegan? Was it the hot smoked paprika I substituted?  Don't know, don't care.  You should make this and put it on everything.  Even Sophie, a self-professed mayonnaise-hater, loved it.

Maddy and I cooked the steak au poivre while the sunchokes were roasting.  I used a heavy cast-iron skillet, seared on medium high for ~7 min per side, then rested.  Deglaze the pan with a splash of brandy/cognac/sherry/bourbon and simmer til the liquid is syrupy.  Add a little heavy cream, season to taste.  I included some mushrooms I had cooked prior to cooking the steak. This is a great way to make steak when your grill is covered with snow and the roads are too icy to drive to your local steakhouse and you are wondering how people in the Northeast aren't all homicidal after the latest storm.  Remember to dial back your pepper grinder after you have used it to crack the pepper you applied to the steak.  


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