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I guess if I wanted to eat cleaner I shouldn't have ordered Baking Chez Moi and Flavor Flours and had Amazon deliver them the same day for an extra $5.99.  But that's the plan, at least until our trip to Puerto Rico where I plan on drinking a lot of rum drinks.  I'm going to call it "March Sadness."  It won't stop me from baking--I made two cakes, brownies and savory crackers within the first 36 hours of ownership.  What I really need to stop is the random handful of chips, the doughnuts at grand rounds and mindless eating in general.  It will dovetail nicely with the ongoing Crossfit Open.  Luckily for me (older, new to Crossfit) they have a scaled division this year.  As of this writing I am still hanging in the top 50 for women 45-49 years, scaled division, Mid-Atlantic region, but there is plenty of time for folks to submit better scores.  

Apples to Oranges.

Suck it, Sriracha.