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February needs its marching orders.

I have a few suggestions that may help snap you out of the midwinter blues:

Kung-pao brussels sprouts: An easy weekday recipe.  Skip the initial salting of the sprouts-the soy sauce provides adequate seasoning.  A nice change from all the fish-sauce based recipes out there.  

Nostalgic mains like shrimp scampi or Rondele chicken: you can substitute grated parmesan for the breadcrumbs in the coating like my mom used to.  I used flavored goat cheese crumbles because I couldn't find Rondele.  

"The Great British Baking Show": "Chopped" meets "Downton Abbey" minus the drama.  No sad backstories, outrageous ingredients or conniving.  A total gem.  Norm thinks pesto is "exotic" and the hosts pronounce genoise "gen-o-eese" and say things like "stop touching the dough balls" and "self-saucing puds".

Looking forward to the Piglet and season 3 of "House of Cards."  And snow.  We have been robbed of the white stuff that makes winter worthwhile.  

Valentine's Day Dinner for 3

It's all champagne wishes and caviar dreams.